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毎日1回はGoogle Analyticsをのぞいている@fwhx5296ことShigeです。

多機能Google Analytics閲覧アプリ『Analytiks』が今だけ無料(250円→0円)

見た目も機能も充実しているGoogle Analytics閲覧アプリである『Analytiks』が期間限定で無料になっています。

Analytiks - Your Google Analytics website stats turned into infographics Analytiks – Your Google Analytics website stats turned into infographics
価格: 無料
カテゴリ: 仕事効率化, ライフスタイル
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Analytiks – Google Analytics iPhone app, iOS stats made beautifully







多機能Google Analytics閲覧アプリです。
この機会にゲットしておいてくださいね( ^ω^ )

Analytiks – Your Google Analytics website stats turned into infographics 3.0(無料)

カテゴリ: 仕事効率化, ライフスタイル
現在の価格: 無料(サイズ: 5.2 MB)
販売元: Stelios Petrakis – Stelios Petrakis
リリース日: 2011/03/28


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What’s New
New: UX and UI improvements
New: Pull to refresh for stats (main screen) and site list (settings)
New: Custom date range for infographics
New: Top 5 keywords with % of traffic in infographics
New: Latest version of Google library for increased security and speed

Improved: Stats accuracy
Improved: Memory management
Improved: Notifications now work properly for everyone
Improved: Stability

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Analytiks is FREE for a few days. The most beautiful Google Analytics app for iPhone is FREE for all. Fast, 100% secure, Analytiks supports multiple sites with Google’s 2-step verification. Convert your Google Analytics stats into a beautiful, infographic. Follow traffic from all social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr etc and search engines.

You need a Google Analytics account (free) to use Analytiks, not just a Google account.

Analytiks helps you do more with 100% security. Built-in support for OAuth 2.0 and Google 2-step verification. VERIFIED by Google. Check the official Google Analytics App Gallery page.

Some of the features your get with Analytiks:

● Traffic from Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit etc
● Organic (search) vs general traffic
● Top countries and Top browsers
● Desktop vs Mobile users
● Multiple sites (up to 16)
● Traffic from social networks + graphs
● Stats Reminders
● Referral sites
● Time on site
● iOS vs Mobile
● PC vs Mac
● Bounce Rate
● Top 5 keywords
● Custom date range for infographics

Make your visitors happy, improve your SEO traffic and better your Google rank. Analytiks helps you attack all these problems with almost real-time from Google Analytics app. Create your infographic and share it!

Over 130.000 downloads in 85 countries can’t be wrong. Analytiks is the most beautiful Google Analytics app for the iPhone.

Don’t take our word for granted. See what experts say about Analytiks, the best Analyticsapp!

●● The Next Web ●●
One of the most beautiful iOS apps of 2012

●● AppAdvice ●●
Analytiks 2.0 makes Google Analytics data look so good

●● Cult of Mac ●●
Analytiks is arguably the best way to monitor your Google Analytics traffic on iOS

●● Beautiful Pixels ●●
Analytiks gets updated with a cleaner, spiffier UI, a substantial new update

If you live and breath data like visitors, pageviews and traffic from social networks, Analytiks will help you understand the core of Google Analytics while on the go.

Quick access to search engine traffic, visitors and unique visitors, pageviews, social traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and more. Just turn your iPhone sideways and tap for metrics. This is the best Analyticsapp.

Analytiksは最も美しい、Google AnalyticsのiPhoneアプリです。安全で、簡単かつ必要なすべての分析や統計で高速。

Analytiks是最美丽的Google Analytics(分析)的iPhone应用程序。安全,简单,速度快,你想要的所有的分析和统计。

Analytiks ist das schönste Google Analytics App für iPhone. Schnell und sicher. Mehrere Standorte, 2-Schritt-Authentifizierung, Infografik.

Detta är: Analytiks, den mest vackra Google Analytics app för iPhone. Den är snabb och 100% säker med 2-steg autentisering. Du kan använda den till stöd för flera webbplatser och sist men inte minst så är den är unik infographic som kan exportera!

いいね ! してくださいね

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